Unit-6 How we organize ourselves

  Theme :  How we organized ourselves Central idea : People create organizations to solve problems and support human endeavours and enterprise. Lines of Inquiry : Purpose of organizations (Function) Reasons to join organizations (Responsibility) Strategies for problem-solving within an organization (Function) What makes an organization successful (Connection)   Day-1 Date- 16.3.21 Task: Learners will be provoked to talk about the big idea. Learners were provoked today to identify keywords to find out the big idea. At first, they saw different pictures, observed those and shared what came into their minds. Facilitators provoked them to bring many keywords from their thoughts. After their sharings, they wrote and share those keywords in the Mentimeter that facilitators shared with them

Unit-5: Where we are in place and time

  Theme : WHERE WE ARE IN PLACE AND TIME   Central idea :  EXPLORATIONS LEADS TO DISCOVERIES, OPPORTUNITIES AND NEW UNDERSTANDINGS Lines of Inquiry:   REASONS FOR EXPLORATIONS AND DISCOVERIES EXPLORATIONS AND DISCOVERIES TAKING PLACE OVERTIME CONSEQUENCES OF EXPLORATION                                                                  Day-1                                                           Date: 1/02/2020                                                          Task: Provocation Learners discovered an insect/plant. They explored their own garden or yard to find new insects/plants. They also documented these and shared their experiences in class. They could use few things for their exploration such as- magnifying glasses, binoculars, notebooks, cameras, pencils. They documented their discoveries and selected best photo's and drew pictures and uploaded to the class . They wrote a short description of their findings and named their discovery. They also listened others exper

Unit-4: How the World Works

  Theme: How The World Works Central Idea: The energy can be converted, transformed and used to support human progress. Key Concepts: Form, Function, Responsibility Related Concepts: Conservation, Transformation Lines of Inquiry: ❖       Different forms of energy sources (Form) ❖       Uses of energy ( Function) ❖       Sustainable energy practices (Responsibility) Day-1 Date: 06/12/2021 UOI Task : Provocation 3 stations was created on some games like a) solve the math and write the answer from one end of the class to the other’s) skipping rope and c) hopping game/ zigzag running. Learners acted enough energetically that they got tired. Then some questions were asked to get the word “energy” from them. After that,