New Session 2020-21

TD theme: How we express ourselves
Central Idea: Imagination is a tool for extending our ability to think, create and express.

Lines of inquiry:  Ways we demonstrate our imagination and creativityRole of imagination and creativityUses of imagination and creativity

           Key concepts:   FormFunctionPerspective
           Related concept:  DiversityCommunication           Profiles: InquirersOpen mindedThinkers         Attitudes:         Appreciation      Confidence    Creativity
            TD skills:       CommunicationThinking

Starting a new chapter...

Day-1 Date:07/06/2020
Back to the school through online and introduction with parents session
Today was the first day of Grade 3 Green! Our adorable learners were very enthusiastic to start a new journey and open a new chapter and also meet with facilitators. They shared their holiday reflection. Facilitators were introduced with parents through zoom meeting they shared the basic information related to communication, online classes, technical info…